30a Private Chef and Small Group Catering

Let us here at Cafe Tango Catering Company 30A cater your small group event or family meals for you.

Here at Cafe Tango Catering Co in Santa Rosa Beach, we believe that nothing enhances your beach vacation like great food. You’re already surrounded by a great 30a view of  white sand, and emerald green waters. Let us take care of the meals…because the beach and excellent cuisine go hand in hand, right?

Combine the freshest seafood, best cuts of meat, and garden ripe veggies with a little Southern Beach side hospitality, and you may not want us to go back home with you.

You worry about relaxing, we’ll take care of the food. Thank you! The Morris family

At Cafe Tango Catering Co. We specialize in a array of options perfectly suited to your event which include:

  • Personal chef dinners
  • Wine pairing dinners
  • Private parties
  • Bridal luncheons
  • Theme dinners
  • Meal packages delivered
  • Holiday events
  • Thanksgiving/ Christmas dinners prepared
  • Shrimp and crawfish boils
  • Rehearsal dinners
  • Prepared box lunches
  • Paella dinners
  • Cooking classes
  • Cafe tango picnic basket lunches
  • Tailgating parties

Bartenders are available for events

Please contact us for your next event!

Call 850-267-0054 or 904.327.1471 ~ email patrick@cafetango30-a.com